Lakai’s ‘The Final Flare’ has been released!

December 29th, 2009

Hope you kids had a great Christmas… I sure did! I woke up to find that the highly anticipated skate video of 2009, ‘The Final Flare’ was packed in my stocking… thanks to me. This mega-box set is loaded with one HD Blu-Ray Full Length Feature; weekend at Biebles, Guy medical leave of absence, Fully Flared intro, Fully Finished, and much more. The second disc is jammed with ‘The Fully Flare’ documentary, unused footage, alternate edits, etc. Then lastly you have your original ‘The Fully Flare’ skate video along with some other sick features. Below is a trailer.

Hit up your local skate shop and treat yourself to this DVD. Maybe you should grab Beauty and the Beast 2 while you’re there…